Don't know how to create memorable engaging humorous graphics?

   You do now. Create your own graphic in seconds by clicking on one.

   Don't know how to create memorable engaging humorous graphics?

   You do now. Create your own graphic in seconds by clicking on one.

About Us

Robert Bostick and Sally Baack are the founders of a new and innovative training curriculum designed for the professional environment. The curriculum is the only comprehensive Prof-

essional Humor Training program available today that provides

a suite of easy to use humor tools and curated content to make

it easy for anyone to feel comfortable and confident that they

can easily benefit from humor's communication, reputation

and leadership advantages.

Research has found that employees wish their boss would

bring more humor to their leadership style.* Now every boss 

can do exactly that with HumorPoint. (And anyone wanting

to become a boss can too.)  Are you ready to be (or become)

a better leader? Let your sense of humor be a welcome

professional advantage for you and your reputation. 

Be heard, be liked, be memorable. It's our promise.

Robert Bostick, MBA has enjoyed making people laugh for

as long as he can remember. This skill served him well as a

public speaker, as a comedian, and during his twenty-year

award-winning career in corporate sales. His Salesperson

of the Year Award with America's largest public presentation

technology corporation was a testament to the persuasive

and influential power of humor. 


He created the world's first curated cartoon search engine

and professional humor technology platform to help others

achieve the same kind of success. Anyone can now transform

their meeting or presentation from a daily snoozefest to a

reputation-enhancing leadership showcase by using the 

worlds first curated humor toolbox to make the power of

humor as simple to execute as choosing an item off a fast

food restaurant menu board.

Sally Baack, Ph.D., is an award-winning professor and speaker,

who is recognized as a thought leader in connecting effectively

with audiences.  She is passionate about and dedicated to

developing ways to make learning seriously fun. Recognized internationally for her research on effective leadership she has been invited to speak at conferences and organizations around

the world.

Together Robert Bostick and Sally Baack have become the

Go-To for professionals who want to develop a light-hearted

leadership interaction style and approach professionally.

Our mission is to help you increase your communication appeal

and effectiveness by perfecting your humor competency for

greater professional and personal success.

Everyone wants to feel better. Wonderful humor takes people there.


Making People Feel Good

We are a humor technology company focussed on simplifying the

process for anyone to communicate with professional well-received 

humor and lightness in any situation.

In a business presentation, a moment of enjoyment and likability 

is worth a lot. The Perfect Cartoon - the world's first curated cartoon

search engine - let's any professional find and deliver that moment 

with light-heartedness and confidence.

The founding creator of the Apple "Siri", Adam Cheyer, built the back

-end technology of The Perfect Cartoon to support our front-end

vision to deliver exceptional cartoons with every search. 


With The Perfect Cartoon we showcase each prized curated cartoon

in its finest light and take you to any cartoon or cartoonist you love

in seconds. 


With the decline of the print media (cartoonist's bread and butter)

the Perfect Cartoon is built to generate a new wave of cartoon fans

to enjoy and support their favorite cartoonists so cartoonists can

continue to make us smile when we least expect it and need it


HumorPoint was created to be the world's first professional high-

performance Humor Toolbox where business people interested in

lightening up their communications can now have a multitude of

creative easy-to-deliver humor options at their fingertips. 


Our goal is to take one's 'personality type' out of the 'humor delivery

equation' so that anyone can confidently and enjoyably present and

communicate with humor. Our vision is to give everyone a chance to

benefit from humor's likable and endearing qualities. 

Qualities that let you be heard, be liked and be memorable in any

business communication situation.

​Our HumorPoint Toolbox, Keynote Talk, Presentation Training, and Humor Services provide leaders and employees tactics and strateg-

ies to reach your organization's presentation, marketing, enhanced communication and enjoyment goals.

HumorPoint Light is available for everyone to experience the opport-

unity of professional humor tools. Our upgraded HumorPoint Pro

Site is available exclusively with our Professional Business Advan-

tage HumorPoint Training. 

We hope you enjoy all the exciting content we've brought together for

you. Be ready to have your sense of humor elevated and appreciated

while attaining a welcome new level of professional & personal success.

"The reason why many advertising and marketing experts suggest you do

   use humor is because it’s fundamental to forming positive relationships.  

   We buy from people we like, and humor is the easiest 

      and fastest way to get there."

    Magda Kay

Feeling good is the holy grail of life and happiness. A great cartoon takes us

there in seconds. Our first dream was to create the world's first curated cartoon search engine to allow professionals to find the perfect cartoon for a feel-good smile to be shared during a meeting or presentation or for any business (or personal) communication. With the decline of the print media (cartoonist's bread and butter) the Perfect Cartoon is built to generate a wave of new cartoon fans to support cartoonists so they can continue to make us feel good and smile when we least expect and often need it most.  Adam Cheyer (the founding creator of the Apple 'Siri') engineered The Perfect Cartoon to be a cartoon showcase platform where we present to you each prized cartoon in its finest

 light and take you to any cartoon you love.

"The wealth of testimonials to

humor’s power is matched

only by the lack of tools and

technologies to capitalize on it...

Until now."

Robert Quick Bostick

HumorPoint Founder

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Sally Ann Baack PhD

HumorPoint, Co-Founder

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