Robert Quick Bostick

HumorPoint Founder

"The wealth of testimonials to the power of humor is matched only by the lack of tools and technologies to capitalize on it. Until now."

Robert Bostick, MBA has enjoyed making people laugh for as long as he can remember. This skill served him well as a public speaker, a comedian, and during his twenty-year award-winning career in corporate sales. His Salesperson of the Year Award with America's largest public presentation technology corporation was a testament to the persuasive and influential power of humor.

By creating the world's first curated cartoon search engine and professional humor technology platform his goal is to help others achieve the same kind of success. Anyone can now transform their meeting or presentation from a daily snoozefest to a reputation-enhancing leadership showcase by using the world's first professional humor toolbox to make the power of humor as simple as choosing the most delectable item off your favorite restaurant menu.

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San Francisco, CA. USA

Phone: 1-510-459-4512

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