Robert Quick Bostick Speaking Samples

HumorPoint Founder, CEO

"The Power of Humor"

Giving a humorless presentation is a difficult headwind for a presenter and an audience. Why not start with a tailwind in the first 30 seconds of your presentation. You want people smiling in a presentation as quickly as possible. Even better you want them laughing. Start with a funny cartoon, funny video, a self-deprecating calamity story, a great joke, or a funny brilliant one-liner. Just start with something brilliant and light. Humor Point makes achieving this goal easier than ever before.

JFK Impression "We Choose to Go to the Moment."

Easy To Tell Memorable Jokes

"Fred's Obituary."

"Hoping to live to be 100."

"One Million Views"

"People Say I'm Condescending."

"What is a Joke?"

More Speaking Samples for Your Enjoyment

"My Mind Walking Down the Street."

"I'm just trying to be helpful ."

"Happiness Per Minute"

"My Days as a TV Talk Show Host"