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Funny Humor with HumorPoint

Robert Quick Bostick

Keynote Speaker

    Founder, HumorPoint     

"Does a professional speaker have       to include humor in his talk? 

No. Only if he wants to get paid."

National Speakers Association

"Humor is the fastest and easiest

way to create rapport 

with your audience.

Now anyone can deliver it

with optimal results."

Robert Bostick

Epiphany - a sudden awareness  of
something valuable and true.

The Power 

of Humor &

The Humor Tools  to Deliver It

A Very Funny Keynote Talk

Funny Humor with HumorPoint

In social media the unofficial mantra is

'be useful or be amusing, in that order.' 

Andrew Hanelly

Until recently the only way to expand on a marketing campaign


was word of mouth.

Now marketing can be super-charged by word of mouse.

What is the most successful word of mouse "booster" today?


Could that be why the most successful

TV ads today are the funniest?




Funny commercials fly fast on the internet.


And viral marketing is inexpensive too - like free, zip, nada. 

Yes, but does humor make you think

positively about a company?



5,019,430 views is a lot of likeability

for laundry soap and spot on humor.

More than 3.3 million views in 48 hours.

"The reason why many advertising and marketing

experts suggest you use humor, is because it’s

fundamental to forming positive relationships.  

We buy from people we like,

and humor is the easiest 

and fastest way to get there."

    Magda Kay

This may be true for marketing


but what about for Presentations?

Even more so. 


When you speak and people realize 


you have a sense of humor

it makes them happy. It makes you appealing.

That's why some of the most memorable presenter's are

 smart and richly amusing from beginning to end.  


Of course we never want to minimize the universal truth that

people have lots of fears about sharing their sense of humor.


The #1 fear being, "I'm not funny."


I can hear you now;


"I'm not! I don't get half the jokes people tell me. I forget

punchlines. People look at me and they forget punchlines.

I am the Terminator of Humor."


I understand how you feel, and you're not alone.  Fortunately,

as humor coach Doni Tamblyn suggests, the remedy is simple:

       "Don't try to be funny--just have a little fun."

Sounds like good advice.


That being said, don't kid yourself... 

You're funny. 

Funny Humor on HumorPoint

And sometimes you're embarrassingly funny.

Everyone is. 

Funny Humor on HumorPoint

Whether you are a Keynote speaker,

a TED speaker, an entrepreneur pitching a VC, a

salesperson pitching a customer, an executive

presenting a new strategic plan, or a rising staff

member leading a meeting for the first time...


Let me ask you a serious question.

What is your sixty-seconds strategy

to win over your audience’s undivided attention 

right out of the gate?

Might I suggest a little HUMOR?

The Good News today is you don't even need

to a say word to be funny. 

A perfect cartoon, quote, image or video can do all the

humor heavy lifting to win over your presentation 

audience for immediate rapport. 


And you get all the CREDIT for

having a GREAT sense of humor.

What's not to love about that?


Need proof that delivering a great

laugh is now easier than ever?

HumorPoint Advantage You
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Funny Humor on HumorPoint

Whether you decide to captivate

the attention of your next audience 

with a hilarious comedy video by Sebastian Maniscalco (.com),


a funny personal story, a crowd-pleasing cartoon, 

a funny quote, or a well-written joke,

you are more assured to earn your audience's undivided


attention right out of the gate with a smart touch of humor.


Particularly if you want to be heard,


be liked, and be memorable.

This timeless adage is always true.


"Our best first impression is a moment of shared laughter."

Funny Humor on HumorPoint

If you haven't read the Holy Grail recently

we want to give you a heads up that


we're working on a sequel.


The Holy Grail of Humor.



We believe great humor works wonders to make the

audience feel good. That is why we created HumorPoint,

so that anyone, regardless of position or

personality can confidently 

bring the 'funny' anytime.

And with over 25 places listed above that humor

improves and optimizes outcomes that is a lot of places where you can improve results and enhance your success.


Which leaves us with the question?

Why wouldn't you use humor more often?

Maybe because you didn't have a set of humor tools to make 


it easier than ever to find, use and deliver great humor.

With all of humor's benefits and opportunities 

to be heard, be liked, and be memorable,


any justification our mind conjures up

for not using humor in today's humor-filled world is


(wait for it)



Press Cartoon laughter buttons 




Funny Humor on HumorPoint

Perhaps of all the communication strategies that leaders utilize,

the use of humor is most promising, but least understood.

C. B. Crawford

Remember, if they're laughing, they're buying.

Jeffrey Gitomer

CEO, Sales Training Company 

Funny Humor on HumorPoint
Funny Humor on HumorPoint

Humor is viewed as an outward expression of inner competencies.

Adrian Gostick

A select list of everything improved by Humor 


Company Culture



Sales Calls

Fund Raising

Job Interviews







Funny Humor on HumorPoint



Slide Decks





Social Media

Safety Information

TED Talks




Humor need not be cut out of anything
since it improves everything.

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Speaking fees are negotiable depending on your date

and location as well as the audience size and composition.

James Thurber