How to open your next presentation with fall out of your chair laughter your audience will love.

Updated: May 18

You wouldn’t perform open heart surgery would you? No. Why not? Because you have no idea how. Do you know who knows how to open up hearts - smart, likable comedians. They can take a room full of strangers and open up everyone's hearts in less than a minute. Opening people’s hearts is the first goal for any skilled presenter or professional speaker. Why? Because open hearts leads to open minds.

At the end of laughter is the height of listening.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Most skilled speaker’s first tactic to open hearts is to tell an exceptionally moving, humanizing story about themself or someone else. A great story can create a powerful bridge of connection.The only drawback of story telling is first you have to have a great story to tell, and second you need the skill to tell it.

A masterful comedian on the other hand can open up a room full of hearts in less than a minute.

Mmm...just thinking outloud here. What if we could rent a world class comedian for a minute and have him or her open our audience's hearts up with their best humor and flip everyone in the room from ‘checked out’ to “feeling great.” That would be helpful, right?

But flying a comedian into our meeting would cost a lot and be a ton of work. There has to be a better way to do this? Now there is.

The Perfect Comedy Clip

A world-class humor tool to flip any room to "feeling great" in less than a minute.

The Perfect Comedy Clip provides you a menu of safe, 1-2 minute, pitch-perfect comedy clips of the world’s greatest comedians performing their best pieces of business appropriate comedic genius. All are guaranteed to shift your audience’s mood from distracted or bored to feeling great and fully attentive to what you have to say next. Then you can take all those open hearts and receptive minds on the journey of what you have to share with them.

Let's look at three great examples of the quality of humor available.

"Working From Home"

Comedian Ray Ramono

Taking a business call with kids around can be tricky but after Ray is done warming up your crowd you can let your audience know you'll always take their call.

"The Lap Grill"

Comedian Brian Regan

Not every new product is a good idea. But with the right marketing, any product can look like one.

"Road Rage"

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco

​When people aren't moving fast enough in a car, or on a project, we need to remain calm, cool and collected. But usually we lose it.