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Here's what's funny! 3 New Humor Tools to help a Professional Speaker be Funnier.

Updated: Jun 6

A Keynote Speaker is Humorless.


There is only one reason a professional speaker doesn't use humor masterfully in their talks. They haven't figured out how.

"When you laugh with someone, you both feel you’re on the same side. It’s a fantastic tool for building a connection. Indeed, for many great speakers humor has become

a Superweapon."

Chris Anderson, TED, CEO

Did you say the person in charge of the most coveted speaking platform on Earth believes "for building a connection" that

"Humor is a Super-Weapon."

And the CEO of TED is not alone.

Most top speakers are equally effusive about humor.

"Nothing positions people for persuasion

as well as a sense of humor."

Roger Dawson

"Nothing builds rapport faster than humor."

Jeffrey Gitomer

"Never forget that humor’s ability to poison a presentation is exceeded only by its capacity to lift it to another level."

Dave Zielinski

And something else is improved by using humor well.

If you’re funny enough in the speaking world, word spreads,

and you get all the work you can handle.

Marty Wilson

If you have any desire to be a professional speaker, you’ll make a lot more money if you can make people laugh.

Michael Port, Presentation Expert

As a professional speaker, I truly believe I could double or triple my business if I was funnier - and you should think about your own instincts with humor and how you can use them to your advantage.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Many years ago the late Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks. His answer was, “That’s where the money is.” Why humor? Because that’s where the influence, the appeal, the control, the good feeling--and eventually, the money is.

Robert Orben

Gee these people don't mince their words about using humor to improve their craft for their professsional and financial success.

If humor helps a speaker create a better connection with their audience which leads to increased demand & speaker fees why doesn't every speaker learn to add it to every talk they give?

The same reason people don't fix their plumbing problems.

They don't have the tools.

What kind of tools are you talking about?

Professional Humor Tools

Fortunately there is a suite of professional humor tools built specifically for presenters. It's a likabilty toolbox called:

If you're a speaker, now you can add as much humor as you like anywhere in your talk. And once you've upgraded your talk to be more humorous & entertaining then you can upgrade your fees too.

Now for some straight talk. No mincing words. No sugar coating.

The goal of any skilled speaker is simple - make your audience

feel as good as you can as fast as you can for as long as you can.


Because human being are drawn to things that feel good and resist things that don't. If watching and listening to you doesn't feel better than looking at their phone then their phone will again demand their undivided attention.

We all buy liability insurance to cover our car. What about likability insurance to cover our presentation? Is this a thing? It is now. Of course it has always been available.

The price is whatever time and effort it takes to make it easy for people to smile, laugh and feel good listening to you. When your audience is smiling and laughing that's your likabilty insurance policy.

How do you find humor that becomes

your likability insurance policy

for your next presentation?

How about right here.

Let's do it together.

For example, let's say your keynote speaking topic

is "The Benefits of Facebook Marketing."

You want to make your audience feel great the minute you step on the stage with your likable, masterful, charming use of humor.

How would you do it without having to learn the craft of creating and delivering pitch-perfect humor as skillful as great comedians do?

With Humor Tools For Presenters

Humor Tool #1 - The Perfect Cartoon

"The Worlds First Curated Cartoon Search Engine"

Click on the image above to be taken to your new humor search engine. When you arrive at the site roll your mouse over the thumbnail images to enlarge them. If you like, click on any thumbnail to be taken to their original home where they were discovered.

Pretty quickly you can see with the right humor tools finding great visual humor to add levity, likability and memorability to your presentation is easy. And here's why it's important.

"Humor Increases Persuasion's Effectiveness." Marshal Chiles

To take Marshal's advice, why not begin your next talk with a great cartoon, funny image or quote to set the mood in the room to light. It tells your audience your talk is not going to be a total borefest and you plan to keep things lively.

It also tells your audience that their phone won't be more entertaining than you so they can relax and lean in to you and your ideas and be fully present for your message.

In a Presentation

People never get tired of feeling Good