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Funny April Fools Presentation Pranks, Jokes and Illusions!

Updated: Apr 1

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble.

It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.

Mark Twain

It's fun to give your audience a powerful persuasive visual metaphor. Stunning optical illusions make your point unforgettable. By now I know you well enough to know you're not April fooled by this so called "illusion" above. Of course the larger orange dot on the right is bigger than the smaller orange dot on the left. No need to waste your time bringing out a ruler to challenge what you can see clearly in front of you.

Like a lot of challenges we face in business, and in life, sometimes what we are absolutely certain is true is, well, how do I say this politely...isn't.

You're a smart, bright, and intelligent human being. No one disputes that. No one also disputes that the top of the box below is much, darker than the front of the box. You can see that with YOUR OWN TWO EYES!!

Ok, I understand you feel like I duped you again. You know the old adage, "April Fool me once, shame on me. April Fool me twice, shame on you." You may want to give some serious thought about seeing an eye doctor though. And while you're there you may want to see the Psychotherapist next door since you may be losing your mind.

I realize this April Foolishness is getting a little bit out of control and of course there is no way this guy is elevating, right? Ok, I'll stop messing with your head.

Oh no, it looks like someone spiked your coffee. You might want to grab ahold of something. This could be a long trip you're going on. For the best effect this illusion works best on a computer screen.

Whew...I barely escaped the hallucination machine but now I'm really starting to lose it. Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going? Whoa!

Ok, I know you didn't see all this coming. So let's give your sanity and your eyesite a soft landing so you can function sanely in your job and your life again. This short video below will reverse all of the April Foolishness you have just gone through. But to reverse the spell you have to watch it full screen on your computer and do exactly what the guy in the video tells you to do. It's only a minute long. You'll love it!

How cool was that?

Being a great presenter means knowing how to surprise your audience with ideas and images they didn't see coming. Optical illusions do that effectively and memorably.

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Without any illusion.

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