Your easy to present laugh-out-loud moment for your next presentation

 Ray Ramano During His First Appearence on David Letterman'

"Humor-Wrap" this Video for your Next Presentation.

This pitch-perfect piece of humor feels good to watch, doesn’t it? 

A comedy piece this brilliant moves the mood in the room in your

favor without you having to do anything other than press ‘play.’

But how might you tee up this exceptional video?

Here is a comedy “Humor-Wrap” to do just that:

“I’m excited to be here to share with you some ideas and solutions

that I think will provide great value for you. Please feel free to call

me anytime with any questions you have after my presentation,

but if I happen to be at home when you call, and I sound a little

frazzled, this video should explain everything.”

Your fun segway from the video to the point you want

to make for showing the video will elicit positive

feelings for you - your sense of humor - and your ideas.

* * * * * * * * *