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The Perfect Comedy Clip

Your easy to present laugh-out-loud moment for your next presentation

For enhanced enjoyment view each clip fullscreen

Laughter & Covid-19 are both Contagious.

But only one makes an audience feel great.

Adorable Toddler Leads Cheers at Camp.

A great way to start your next presentation

with some rousing applause. 

Once the yawning starts, it's hard to stop.

Start each presentation with this yawning alert.

PowerPoint can cause the death of your

message. Here's how to save it.

SNL “Flight Boarding”

It's important to be confident that you 

can do things others say you can't.

Brian Regan “The Lap Grill”

Not every new product is a good idea. But

with the right marketing it can look like one. 

Ellen DeGeneres 'Shampoo Customer Service'

Sleep is so important to be effective today

...unless our minds have other plans.

Customer service can make all the

difference in customer satisfaction. 

Customer intelligence can to.

Robert Bostick HumorPoint CEO does JFK 

Mindfulness is popular now but what if 

President Kennedy were alive today and he

updated his 'Putting a Man on the Moon'

to put us into the Moment?

This is a great clip to laugh at how quickly

transformative technologies are changing

our world. We don't know where we're going

but if where we're going is as funny as

where we've been we're in for quite a ride.

Getting up in the morning can be a challenge

when you have the chance to put it off. We 

all use the snooze bar at work on our projects..

In business and life people are going to  

want you to do what you don't want to.

Telling the truth is a fun option.

Knowing how best to end a meeting, a failed project or the firing of a team member can be

a challenge. Not anymore. This ten-second

video does it for you.

This is a great clip to let people see hubris and self-

importance laid bare for the uninteresting human

quality it is. Tie this relatable, memorable piece of  

humor to the importance of being curious about

other people's successes before promoting yours.

Tripp & Tyler Every Conference Call Ever

Tripp & Tyler Every Meeting Ever

Just because we can use 'technology' to host

our meetings doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Just because we can meet

doesn't mean we should meet.

SNL “Taco Town.”

It's fun to be someone you're not and surprise 

people when they suddenly think you are.

Is it really possible to have too much 

of a good thing?

BBC - Knowing How to Respond Under Pressure.

Great leadership is about getting other people

 to make make your vision come true.

When confronted by the press it's best to 

think long and hard before you say a word. 

And they're not that far apart.

Jerry Seinfeld - Cop Taking a Burglary Report.

Don't expect others to solve your problem.

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