The Perfect Comedy Clip

Sometimes it's best to let a professional

deliver your perfect punchline.

Sebastian Maniscalco

Road Rage

When people aren't moving fast enough in a car, or on a project we need to remain calm, cool, and collected.

Ray Ramono 

Working From Home

Taking a business call with kids around can be tricky to know who you're talking to.

Jerry Seinfeld

The Mail Business Model

How we price our products is critical, even if we're just mailing it in. 

Michael McIntyre

Yawning Is A Problem

Once the yawning starts, it's hard to stop. Start each Presentation with this yawning alert.


"Gate Boarding"

It's important to be confident that you can do things others say you can't.

Brian Regan

"The Lap Grill"

Not every new product is a good idea. But with the right marketing it can look like one.

Toddler Leads

Cheers At Camp

A great way to start your next presentation with some rousing applause.

Laughter & Covid-19 Are Both Contagious

But only one makes an audience feel great.

Life After Death By Power Point

PowerPoint can cause the death of your message. Here's how to save it.