The Perfect Comedy Clip

An Easy to Deliver Laugh-Out-Loud
Moment for Your Next Presentation


Why Not Let A Professional Humorist Deliver A Perfect Punchline For You

for free and then you get all the credit for having a great sense of humor.

Tip: After sharing a comedy clip in your presentation you can get additional

laughs by referring back to the most memorable punchline in the video

later in your talk. In the comedy world, this is called a "Call Back."

Sebastian Maniscalco

"Road Rage"

When people aren't moving fast enough in a car, or on a project, we need to remain calm, cool, and collected. But usually we lose it.


"Press Relations 101"

When confronted by the press your job is not to say the first thing that pops in your head. Job one is to 

keep your foot out of your mouth.

Robert Bostick, HumorPoint CEO

"JFK Impression on Mindfulness"

Mindfulness is popular now but what if President Kennedy were alive today and he updated his "Putting a Man on the Moon" speech to "Putting us Into the Moment."

Bengt Washburn

"Still Not Famous"

As accomplished as you are

in your industry or profession,

why haven't I heard of you?

30 Rock
                                                            Not every new Social Media site is a good idea, but with the right executive promoting it, it can sound like one.


"Starbucks Tries To Do Good"

Large companies trying to do the right thing environmentally is a good thing. Unless it seems



"Battling Billionaires"

Sometimes you become so successful

in business that the only thing left to do is try to impress the world with a ship of your incredible wealth...until it sinks.

Jimmy Kimmel
"I don't want to mention any names."

After a long and difficult project is 
finally finished sometimes it is 
helpful to point out who made it all 
possible with the perfect shout out.

Adelle Chulis

"Mom Working From Home Imitation"

Working from home is now a way of life. Colleen Chulis's daughter shared what it looks like from a kid's view.

Ray Ramono 

"Working From Home"

Taking a business call with kids around can be tricky when noone knows who you're talking to.

John Oliver


AI hates it when you question it's intelligence.

Bill Burr

"What is it with Steve Jobs?" 

Great leadership is about getting other people to make your vision come true.

"Gate Boarding"

It's important to be confident
that you can do things
others say you can't.

Tig Notaro
Text Message 

New communication technogies 
have changed our lives. 
But we haven't.

"In Sales Timing is Everything"

Large companies buy and sell 
other companies every day.
Unfortunately sometimes they
forget what year it is.

Clowns Without Borders
Saving Lives One Smile at a Time   

                                                        These clowns traveled to the Greek island of Lesbos with one mission: to make refugees and migrants smile.

Brian Regan

"The Lap Grill"

Not every new product is a good idea. But with the right marketing, it can look like one.

Jerry Seinfeld

"The Mail Business Model"

How we price our products is critical, even if we're just mailing it in. 

Ellen DeGeneres

"Shampoo Customer Service"

Customer service can make all the difference in customer satisfaction. Customer intelligence can too.

Ellen DeGeneres

"Trying To Sleep"

Sleep is so important to be effective today... unless our minds have other plans.

Arj Barker

"The Pre-Digital World"

Transformative technologies

are changing our world. Here's 

a quick look back five minutes ago.

Laughter & Covid-19

Are Both Contagious

But only one makes your audience feel great.

Jim Gaffigan

"The Snooze Bar"

Getting up in the morning can

be challenging when you have the chance to put it off. We all use the snooze bar on our projects.

Brain Regan
"The Invention of the Ironing Board"

Product designers & company
consumer safety executives
often don't talk.

Tripp & Tyler

Every Conference Call Ever

Just because we can use "technology" to host our meetings doesn't mean it's a good idea. 

Jerry Seinfeld

Cop Taking a Burglary Report

Don't expect others to solve your problems.

Brian Regan

"Refrigerator Salesman"

Selling is easy when the thing you're selling only does one thing.

Toddler Leads

"Cheers At Camp"

A great way to start your next presentation with some rousing applause.

Brad Zimmerman

"Waiter Taking An Order"

Whether you're a waiter, in sales, or working for your boss, taking an order can be an arduous task. 

Jim Gaffigan

"I Don't Want To"

In business and life people are going to want you to do what you don't want to do. Telling the truth is a fun option.

Brian Regan
"Topping Other People"

Being curious about other people's successes is just as important as promoting your own.

Tripp & Tyler

Every Meeting Ever

Just because we can meet

doesn't mean we should meet.

Jerry Seinfeld - Life Sucks and Life's Great

And they're not that far apart.

Dan Castellaneta

"The Voice of Homer Simpson"


It's fun to be someone you're not and surprise people when they suddenly think you are.

Best Brother

"Wedding Toast"

Sometimes we have to give a speech even when we have no idea what to say.

Brad Zimmerman

"Waiter Career"

It's nice when people see us on a trajectory to career success.

Especially our parents.  

Demitri Martin

"Website Redesign Meeting"

If you have customers who keep changing their mind about what

they want then this laugh is for you.

Ze Frank

"Making Money with Your Website"

Once you've finally built your website it's time to start making money with it.

When does that begin?

How do you get your customers to

respond the way you want them to?

Provide great products and services

so they want to ring all the bells

of what you have to offer.

Andrew Cotter

"Sports Announcer"

Provides comment on his dogs competing for a chew bone. Business meetings need sports commentary too.

Don McMillan
Life after Death by PowerPoint

PowerPoint can cause the death of
your message. Here is how to save it.

Sean Stevenson 2 ft. 8 in.
Life after (Near) Death

Survived to become an authormotiva-
tional speaker
and loving husband.

This Golden Retriever Gave Out 
High-Fives at the NYC Marathon

Being a leader is about cheering on
your team's successes. Let them know
you're always running with them.  Making people smile is always worth it.

There Comes a Time When You 
Just Have To Jump In The Water

When you see everyone else jumping
into the water of their dreams maybe
it is time for you to jump in too.

Boston Dynamics
'Do You Love Me?'  Dancing Robots

Will Robots take our jobs?
Probably. But what's clear is that robot engineers have too much
time on their hands. 

* * * * * * * * * 

Every Online Course Funnel Ad Ever - Spoof Commercial

Marketing your "Money Making"
product online requires you to be audacious and annoying and be
in our face the whole time.

How Leaders Become Leaders
When showing this to a room full of people, for fun, after
it's over, say, "Ok we’re going to do a leadership exercise together. Please stand up and I want you to dance and seeif you can get one person to follow you."...then pause and say, "I'm just kidding...I’ll bet I'm just kidding has never sounded so good."