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Laughter need not be cut out of anything since it improves everything.

James Thurber

Have you ever worked with someone who seemed to lack a sense of humor?  Then one day, out of the blue, they smile and say or share something funny.

The effect is incredible. Suddenly our view of them is totally transformed.  They have a sense of humor after all. We completely re-evaluate our opinion of them for the better.  We see them in a new light.

Whether you're a company leader, a salesperson, a professional speaker, or someone speaking in a meeting for the first time, HumorPoint lets you present yourself in a welcomed, relatable, and light-hearted way without any risk. By having quick access to the best curated professional-level humor and humor tools in the world at your fingertips you can easily demonstrate that you have a nice sense of humor. This makes it easy for people to feel good about you and your message in any situation.  

The good news is adding strikingly smart, enjoyable humor to your presentations, meetings, email, social media or website,

has never been easier.

Or more fun.

Why use HumorPoint Services? 

Once you realize you want to use humor to enhance and improve your business communications we do all the work to provide you phenomenal

results and you save all the time and enjoy all the benefits.

What's not to love about that?  

A-One Minute Sample of the Power of Humor to Begin a Keynote Talk.
Notice how the speaker's use of humor makes him likable.
And he's not even real. 

Organizations with leaders that contribute to an enjoyable work

culture help their companies earn higher rankings on sites like

Glassdoor as a great place to work. And yes, higher rankings

increase a company's opportunities to attract the best talent. 


And of course, leaders who enjoy using humor in their

communications make it safe for others to do the same.

Everyone wins when people can bring more humor to the

serious demands and endless responsibilities of work so that

being at their job can be a more fun place to be.

"Levity is a funny thing at work.

If they're busting a gut, they'll bust their butts."

Jennifer Aaker, a Stanford researcher, says in her new book

'Humor, Seriously,' that the ROI on humor is impressive.

"Leaders with a sense of humor are 27 percent more motivating

and admired, their employees are 15 percent more engaged, and

their teams that solve creativity challenges tend to be twice as effective.

Also, these leaders make more money."

Jennifer Aaker, Author Humor, Seriously

What is Your Company's Humor Strategy?

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For a Motivational Keynote Talk:
"The Power of Humor and The Humor Tools to Deliver It."
By Founder, Robert Quick Bostick